DoB/Szül 2023 14th of February

Father/Apa:RASPUTIN of forest Eyes

Mother/Anya: MARIA MAGDALENA of Laubjerges

               Muffin-boy, amber                                                        Cinnamon -girl, amber

                          fiú, borostyán                                                          lány, borostyán     

DoB/szül 2023 05.31

Father/Apa: RASPUTIN of Forest Eyes

Mother/Anya Magica of Bongo

Photo: Kitty Bumbulutcz

Trolleri NFO a(s?)           Hexa: NFO n(s?)

Mystique NFO nt 22.       Lunazia NFO at 22

DoB/szül 2023 06.04

Father/Apa: RASPUTIN of Forest Eyes

Mother/Anya: Eyja of Bongo

Photo: Kitty Bumbulutcz

Flametoung NFO as 22                       Twilight: NFO ns

DoB/szül 2023 06.07

Father/Apa: RASPUTIN of Forest Eyes

Mother/Anya: STORMY MOUNTAIN Vinterfjallens

Photo: Kitty Bumbulutcz

Simsalabim NFO ns 22 Woodo: NFO es 22 Hocus-Pocus

DoB/szül 2023 06.04

Father/Apa: RASPUTIN of Forest Eyes

Mother/Anya:RU8SSIAN QUEEN of Bongo

Lumosina,girl NFO ats 22    Marius, boy NFO nt(s) 22,    Merlin, boy ats 22

Miramis, girl, NFO nts 22,       Sirius, boy NFO a             Moyo, girl, ns 22

Eye of the tiger - amber+blue carriers/hordozók/bärare

On Janury 31st, Ginger Gave birth to 5 beautifulkittens: black girl, black silve girl with whit andthree black silver boys, one of them with white.

Január 31-én Ginger életet adott 5 kiscicának, egy teljesen fekete kislánynak, fekete ezüst kislánynak fehérrel, továbbá három fekete ezüstkandúrnak, egyikük fehérrel.

Den 31-e januari gav Ginger liv åt 5 underbara ungar. Flickor: en svart, en svart silver med vitt. Pojkar: två svarta silverpojkar, och en tredje med vitt.

Uno litter/alom/kull

On January 13th 2022 Silvia gave birth to Uno,a beautiful boy. Unfortunatley, he is not available anymore

Január 13-án Szilvia életet adott Unonak, agy csodálatos kandúrkának. Sajnos Uno már foglalt is.

Den 13- Januari f0dde Silvia snzgga pojken Uno. Tyvärr är han redan bokad. 

2021.03.30 Tig (NFO a 09 22) and Silvia's (NFO fs 09) kittens were born,two gorgeous tortoise female, (NFO fs 09?).

They are newborn on the photo! The birth went smothly, Silvia did a great job! They were born with 42  and 137 grams. 

Day 8 they are 255 and 268 grams

3 hetesen 470 gramosak

Norvég erdei Amber carrier

eladó amber carrier norvég kiscicák jövőre várhatók

Ginger az Amber leányzó babakorában

How to buy:

At the point of contact, we want to know about you and what your desires and ideas are. Of course, we also want to know what kind of life you can provide for your kitten.

All our kittens come from genetically tested, healthy parents. All of them have been in our hands a lot since birth and are used to being around children. Their sex and colour is determined at 8 weeks of age, after which time they can be booked, although interest can be shown earlier.

By the time of moving the kittens, they've been wormed, and have had two vaccinations.They have been microchipped and have their own pedigree, which is marked to indicate whether they are a hobby kitten or intended for breeding. They will be given a bag of dry food, a toy and a cloth with the scent of home and a big goodbye hug. A carrier is needed for travel, without one they cound harm themselves or others if frightened. They will cry a bit, but that's natural. It is advisable to be prepared at home with a litter tray, litter, litter pan, flat feeding bowl and water dish, and a quiet room where no other cats are present.