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MoBil: +3670 6100 279 vagy +3670 6100 564


About us

SWe are an actor-psychologist couple, we have two boys. Our cats are used to children - even with severe mental handicap. We are member of Tica. We started breedig because of love - we have only few cats whom we care lot about. 


Why Bengal and Norwegian forestcat?

Really, we love all sorts of animals and cat, but this two we couldnit resist at all. The bengal cat is gorgeus with its jungle-like look and different behaviour. She loves to smell, keeps controll over the whole familly, foilow us everywere and stands high in the cat hierarchy. Mango is very intelligent, understands the situations in a second, knows how to differ right from left side even when we fail. Our plan is to train her to severly handicaped children and she suits our hyperactive boy very much, since bengals are very active ens quick in responding.  

Since one of us grew up in Sweeden, it fet natural to brign Norwegian forestcat to Hungary. All our femailes are from north of Sweeden, bought from gorgeous breeders and loving homes. 

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